How we can help you?

Web development

Serving an ever growing clientele while determining the standard of local websites and webapps , tookkit developers is slowly setting the standard for web Development in the region!

Game development

From the simplicity of single platform arcade games to multi-platform 3D games, tookit developers specializes in Unreal and Unity Development!

App design

From minimalist front end products to integrated backend apps to their sites, toolkit has got you covered!


What we are about?

•Exquisite Quality •

Combining experienced Management with local art and technical teams, I.C.E/Toolkit developers deliver
specialized game development, website development, animation, video production, special effects
and 3D presentations, that leverage the unmatched technology educations gained in Trinidad and America’s teaching
institutions. Using recognized game and software development methodologies and high standards of quality
assurance, our proficient and technically advanced “A+” team guarantees the highest quality software.

• Qualified Specialists •

Our offshore Developer/animator studios are located within the Caribbean, in the country of Trinidad
and Tobago, experiencing its own technology growth spurt, with growing technology and animation
universities. I.C.E/Toolkit close relationship UTT, supplies us with privileged contact to top graduates and
alumni annually.

• Customer Committed •

Our ability to consistently keep in contact with our clients enables our understanding of expectations we
are dedicated to fulfill in delivering the most progressive, comprehensive and all-inclusive game,
animation and/or software products imagined. Our customers are aware they can count on good
communication with the technical team and performance that are fully compatible with most
international corporate business cultures.

• Transparency in All Processes •

Collaboration and project management applications enable us to keep our team and our clients
constantly updated on the project status for current development process. Your project manager
provides regular progress updates and is a convenient, single point of contact to answer questions and
supply information.


Meet the team

Manuel Browne

Chairman of ICE/TKD

Brian Perry

President of TKD

Kezlon Sutherland

Head Programmer at TKD

Joel Salazar

Vice President of TKD

The faces of Toolkit Developers

Contact Us

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Brian Perry
[email protected]
Manuel Browne
[email protected]
Design Himraj Bir
[email protected]

Building 5z, Frederick Settlement, Tunapuna-Piarco, Trinidad and Tobago